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Route One Car Hauling is a leading car transportation company with a relentless commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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1Estimate and place your order
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Estimate and place your order

Fill out the quote form, give us a call, and then compare our prices and services. We are convinced that you will find our costs to be fairly priced.

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We come and pick up your car

Our driver arrives at the pick-up location, and after a thoughtful inspection of the car, which you have to check and sign, your vehicle is ready to go.

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Get your vehicle delivered

Our car transportation service gets your car delivered nationwide promptly and safely.

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Why work with us

Our unique approach sets us apart

Efficient logistics, reliable carriers, and real-time tracking ensure your vehicle arrives promptly and safely. With transparent communication and flexibility, we go above and beyond to provide a stress-free and reliable car shipping experience.

Experienced Drivers

The backbone of our car shipping services is our drivers. They bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise, guaranteeing a smooth and incident-free journey. Our drivers strictly adhere to sharp and careful handling throughout the process.

We deliver all sorts of vehicles

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver all types of vehicles with utmost care and professionalism. Whether you need to transport a standard sedan or a rare and extra expensive luxury car, we have you covered.

Quality service

Our car shipping company has an impeccable track record of delivering vehicles safely and on time, earning us the trust and satisfaction of countless customers. We offer personalized support, transparent pricing, and constant communication, making us the best choice for your car shipping needs.

How the prices are formed

According to current market trends, prices for nationwide car shipping vary. In order to determine the final cost of the car transportation service, we need to know the kind of vehicle you would like to ship, the destination, the vehicle's size, condition (or whether it has been modified), the distance traveled, the method of transport (open or enclosed trailer shipment), and the season at which the vehicle will be shipped.

More about pricing

Vehicle's dimensions and weight

The cost of transporting longer, taller, or heavier vehicles may vary because of special accommodations required by car transport companies.

The transportation type

Open transportation is a common and more cost-effective choice. Enclosed car shipping necessitates special handling, thus, the cost may vary.

The shipping distance

Despite costing less per mile, longer runs are more expensive altogether. You save more on shipping cars the farther your vehicle travels. 

The vehicle condition

Car shipping companies need additional equipment and staff to accommodate non-operational vehicles, which increases the cost. However, we can deliver your car if it rolls, steers, and brakes.

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Customer Reviews

Brooklyn Simmons

Biffco Enterprises Ltd.

I recently used Route One Car Hauling for car transportation, and their service was reliable and professional. They were prompt and efficient from the initial contact to the final delivery. I highly recommend them for all your car transportation needs.

Marvin McKinney

Biffco Enterprises Ltd.

The team was easy to work with and ensured a smooth process from start to finish. My car arrived safely and on time. Route One Car Hauling is my go-to choice for all future automobile transport.

Jerome Bell

Biffco Enterprises Ltd.

Route One Car Hauling provided an exceptional hauler for my needs. They handled my vehicle with great care and delivered it in perfect condition. This is the company to rely on for your car shipping.

Wade Warren

Biffco Enterprises Ltd.

Peace of mind with Route One Car Hauling's car shipping service. They handled all the details and delivered my car on schedule. I highly recommend Route One Car Hauling for a stress-free car shipping experience.

Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We are here to help

Many car shipping companies offer online tracking services that allow you to monitor the progress of your vehicle during transit. You will typically receive a tracking number or login details to access the tracking system. This enables you to check the current location of your vehicle and receive updates on estimated delivery times.

A bill of lading is a legal document that serves as a receipt of goods being transported. It includes important information such as the names and addresses of the shipper and recipient, a description of the vehicle being shipped, the agreed-upon terms and conditions of the shipment, and the carrier's liability for the vehicle during transit.

Most car shipping companies allow you to transport personal items in your vehicle, but it's generally recommended to keep them to a minimum and within certain limits. The items should be securely packed and placed in the trunk or designated area of the vehicle. It's important to note that the car shipping company will not be liable for any damage or loss of these personal items during transit.

To prepare your vehicle for shipment, cleaning it thoroughly, removing all personal belongings, and ensuring it's in good working condition is important. You should also document any existing damages, take photographs, and make a note of the vehicle's mileage. Finally, keeping the fuel tank at a quarter full and removing or securing any loose parts or accessories is recommended.

It is generally recommended that you or an authorized representative be present for both the pickup and delivery of your vehicle. This ensures you can inspect the vehicle and compare its condition with the pre-shipping inspection report. If you cannot be present, you can designate someone else to act on your behalf. Still, it's crucial to inform the car shipping company in advance and provide them with the necessary authorization.

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